Smoke on This!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We are excited to get the new year started. The last 5 months of 2014 were challenging, to say the least! Besides cooking for 31 week-ends, we sold our home of 13 years & moved to a more comfortable place -- no steps, anywhere! We are really enjoying the change. Just keep in mind when you come through Knoxville, Tn., we are only 1 mile off I-40/I-75!! And we have a hook-up for your rig! We have changed up our schedule a bit for the year, and are excited to get 2015 under way! 

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  1. This is the best function room in the city. The food they served at Seattle venues was warm, fresh and tasty, and the panoramic window is a sight to behold on a clear day. Their main hall was similar to a club/lounge – however, it had more of an intimate feel.